Hawaii Local Exchange Work Group

Formed by the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs

Pursuant to Senate Concurrent Resolution 134

Final Report is at this link

Iris Ikeda Catalani -  Chair - Commissioner for Financial Institutions, Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/iris-ikeda-catalani/1a/45b/7b1

Richard Dole - Vice Chair - Dole Capital Investment Banking - website

Tung Chan - Secretary - Commissioner for Securities, Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affaires  - Press Release from when appointed

James C. Paige - Counsel - Deputy Attorney General, State of Hawaii

Brian Kern - Member - Hawaii U.S. Federal Credit Union

Dale Kobayashi  - Member - Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dale-kobayashi/20/a92/962

Virendra Nath - Member - Friends of the HI Local Exchange, Maui Angels, Entrepreneur

Neal Okabayashi - Member -  Hawaii Bankers Association, Senior V.P First Hawaiian Bank

Mark Oyadomori - Member - Senior V. P. First Hawaiian Bank

David Rair - Member - Caddes, Schutte - http://cades.com/attorneys/dsp_Attorney.cfm?attorneyid=103

Gerald Sumida -  Member, Carlsmith Ball - http://www.carlsmith.com/Bio/GeraldSumida.asp