Bringing together and supporting investors and entrepreneurial teams


      Current Core Team

David B. Fisher – Business and Community Development Consultant - brings more than 25 years of small business consulting on Maui and ten years of economic development and consulting work in New York City.  Starting the H-CX as a research project in 2011 to explore possibilities to bring back local stock exchanges, he learned while there was investor interest, few ventures were investment ready.  The current goal of the H-CX is to develop investment ready teams as well as the community of support providers, mentors and investors.  More

Current Projects

Regenerative Food Ecosystem – We are developing a fund and accelerator program to support Hawaii’s rapidly changing food system with a focus on collaboration, health and environmentally and economically sustainable approaches.  More.

Hawaii As Crossroads and Testbed -  Hawaii’s visitor industry brings a wealth of talent and discriminating people to the islands able to serve as beta testers and ambassadors for new products and services.  Hawaii has also realized that the diversity of people and talents that call Hawaii home are also of interest to visitors; and so one of our goals is to bring both communities together through a new kind of luau.   More.

Collaboration Tools -  Decentralization and localizing are a big part of creating robust communities.  Collaboration is not easy and success requires skills, disciplines, and new forms of ownership and value recognition.  Ultimately successful collaboration requires viable business models which take time to evolve and require lean, customer-centric approaches.  Both recognizing contributions and documenting experimental processes require excellent communication, tracking and metrics.