White Paper -   Download PDF of December 6, 2010 HI Local Stock Exchange.pdf

Resolution to Create A Study Group by State Sen. Roz Baker - State Senate Concurrent Resolution 134

Testimony at HI State Legislative Hearings

Passed by both Hawaii Senate and House - See Testimony at this link.

HI Study Group and its Report

State of HI Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs. Securities Division

HI Administrative Rules relating to Securities

History of the Honolulu Exchange

Maui Ag Design Conference- Held in July 2010 - where seed for HI Local Exchange was planted.

HI Community Exchange Slides at TechConKona 2012.pdf


Fall 2011 Efforts to Make it Easier to Raise Money

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission - FAQ for Small Businesses

SEC Forms for SROs, Exchanges & Alternative Trading Systems 2/3 down page

U.S. Congressional Hearing on Crowd Funding speaking to many of the issues relevant to a local exchange - September 15, 2011

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

The JOBS Act