How You Can Help


We will shortly have our community skills and talents database up and until then contact us by email.

The most important thing you can do is to join in the learning and educating process.   There is a lot of information at this site and linked to from this site.    Share your favorite links with others.  One favorite for people looking at this for the first time are the Michael Shuman and Amy Cortese TEDx talks linked to at the bottom of the Similar Efforts page.

If you are an and investor or entrepreneur and are exploring funding options, contact us.   There are pros and cons to each option and different options are appropriate for different stages of development as well as for different kinds of businesses. 

We will be starting a newsletter this spring and will shortly have a subscribe capability.

You can also donate directly by clicking the donate button below.

Donations are made to the Tri-Isle Resources Conservation and Development Council, Inc. and may be tax deductible.