David B. Fisher


Bringing together and supporting investors and entrepreneurial teams

David B. Fisher – Business and Community Development Consultant - brings more than 25 years of small business consulting on Maui and ten years of economic development and consulting work in New York City.  Starting the H-CX as a research project in 2011 to explore possibilities to bring back local stock exchanges, he learned while there was investor interest, few ventures were investment ready.  The current goal of the H-CX is to develop investment ready teams as well as the community of support providers, mentors and investors.

Fisher grew up in a U.S. Foreign Service family living in Italy, Ethiopia, Barbados, Thailand and Malta before returning to the U.S. to go to college.  He has B.A. from Yale University in American Studies and an MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business where he worked at the Urban Business Assistance Corporation coordinating a team of student consultants in helping obtain financing for small businesses.  

After graduating he did two years of consulting in productivity for large financial services firms before accepting the job of Director for Industrial Development for Queens County Economic Development Corporation.  There he helped initiate and organize “Retooling New York” to bring together the best thinking about how to retain high paying manufacturing jobs.   Out this came successful experiments using the “flexible industry networks” model to promote collaboration and economies of scale in New York City’s knitwear industry as well as the early use of computer social networking.  

In 1989 Fisher moved to the crossroads island of Maui where he developed a collaboration between the island’s resort hotels in Maui’s first recycling program before taking on the challenge of launching Maui’s Fed and State funded Small Business Development Center (SBDC)  at the new Maui Research and Technology Park.  He used his experience in Queens to promote the use of the Internet creating one of the first small business websites in the country with resources to support small businesses and while supporting the island’s first internet service provider was able to get hundreds of businesses up on the web through monthly “Getting Wired for Business” classes.

By the time he left the SBDC in 2009 to start Maui Venture Consulting he had helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs and helped generate over $100 million in investment and increased revenues for Maui businesses.

With Maui Venture Consulting he has helped Maui community-based green energy pioneer Pacific Biodiesel raise a combination of equity, debt, and grant funding to build their state of the art production facility on the island of Hawaii.  He has also worked with the Hawaii Farmers Union developing a strategic plan and helping to obtain a $150,000 organizational grant.   This work has led to the research and design work behind the initiation of the Hawaii Community Exchange.  See more here.