Lancaster Local Stock Exchange - in pre-launch mode

Toronto Social Venture Exchange - Operating since spring 2012

The Barbados Stock Exchange - operating in country 1/5 size of HI - social network linking investors and entrepreneurs - a match making platform for private investment - a match making platform for private investment

CapLinked.Com - a match making platform for private investment

William Carleton’s Blog - Daily entries on securities law & much more

Local Dollars, Local Sense - By Michael Shuman (Feb ’12)

Locavesting - By Amy Cortese, published by Wiley & Sons (June ’11)

Locavesting Newsletter & Blog

Cutting Edge Capital - consultants in alternative financing. Their blog has info

on efforts to reform SEC and state regulations

Drew Field Direct Public Offerings Website - including 17 case studies

The Commonwealth Group - Resource Page on Securities Regulation

Fast Company Article “Investing in Main Street instead of Wall Street” 8/3/11

“Stock Exchanges for Local Businesses” - Wall Street Journal article 6/2/11

Wall Street’s Dead End - NY Time OpEd from 2/14/11

Michael Shuman’s TEDxUVM Presentation - short non technical video

Amy Cortese’s - TEDxMaui - Presentation - January 2012